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  • Q. Is Bitmora Decentralized?

      Bitmora is of the belief that decentralized exchanges are the future, but understands the strong demand for a centralized system by investors and traders who don’t want to take on the cumbersome task of using and maintaining wallet keys by themselves. Bitmora is launching under the law of centralization, but our long-term goal is decentralized migration; beginning with optional private key importing and exporting, and eventually providing lone control over private keys. This transition will be 100% optional and will be determined by the user according to their expertise level.

  • Q. Where is Bitmora located?

      Bitmora is registered and located in the country of Malta. The headquarters of Bitmora, however, resides in San Diego, California.

  • Q. Does Bitmora follow KYC/AML Requirements?

      As an established and legal corporation in Malta, we do adhere to US and EU KYC/AML laws. We will not ask for more information than required.

  • Q. Will fiat be accepted?

      While we plan to have fiat at launch, we can not guarantee it as things can always change. We will keep you all updated if we don't think we'll have it ready by then.

  • Q. How will low volume be handled during startup?

      Bitmora will utilize a Cross-Exchange Order Book that will allow us to take volume from other exchanges should we not have the volume to get your order filled. This will not affect the fee you pay.

  • Q. How can I get my coin listed on Bitmora by launch?

      Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in your coin being listed on our exchange at launch.

  • Q. Will Bitmora have margin trading?


  • Q. What languages will the Bitmora platform support?

      The following languages will be supported on our exchange at launch:

      1. English
      2. Spanish
      3. Chinese
      4. French
      5. Japanese
      6. Korean
  • Q. Will there be an ICO?

      The possibilities are not out of our reach, but we would not begin the planning stages until after launch.

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