An exchange for the people, by the people.

An exchange built by real traders and innovators that not only listens to the public, but makes their ideas come reality.

Our beta launch is set to launch very soon!

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Key benefits of Bitmora

Your Voice Matters

Our team works daily to reach out to the community to see what features you think belong on an exchange, and we're listening with open minds.

Security Driven

Security on our exchange is of utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to providing the best security possible to ensure no funds ever go missing.

Enterprise Network

The days of seeing a loading screen when you click “Sell” are over. Our systems work at lightning fast speeds to make sure you get the price you want.

Innovative Fees. We’re all tired of paying ridiculous fees. That’s why we are introducing a revolutionary fee system that no cryptocurrency exchange has ever used before. You get to choose between two systems, and depending on your trading type and volume, one system may be more affordable than the other.

Built By You. Bitmora is the first ever exchange to allow the community to vote on user suggestions for new features. Vote on a poll and take pride when you see it live knowing you helped get it passed!

Modern Interface. Whether you’re on your desktop device or mobile phone, you will be able to trade, analyze, and control your investments. We make it easy for beginners, but also effective for experienced users.

Dedicated Support. Our support team is dedicated and scalable. We guarantee quick ticket response times and offer live phone support the day we open.

Secure. Our cold storage funds will be distributed worldwide in multiple, undisclosed locations. We provide routine audits, enterprise DDoS protection, and ensure funds are securely protected by numerous access control systems and software.

Financial Transparency. Download our monthly financial data and view all fees we receive along with monthly volume exchanged on all pairs. Your trust is of utmost importance to us.


Live Support

We're only a phone call away. Call us directly to speak with one of our representatives.


Never miss a price again, our realtime price alerts can be customized both in the app and on our web platform.

Simplistic Design

Advanced features for the avid trader, yet simple enough your mother can use it.


With a simple scan of a QR code you can deposit and withdrawal funds to and from your account. No more sending to the wrong address.

Image of Colton
Former site developer and security analyst for a cyber security company that was based out of Texas. Expertise in website and software development, along with information security. Blockchain researcher and analyst.

Colton Brister

CEO and Founder
Image of Kevin Ladd
Kevin has made a career in business and has extensive knowledge of financial markets. A former broker at Dunhill Investments managing a profile of over 700 clients. Strong leader and assisted numerous companies in going public.

Kevin Ladd

Image of Elias
Elias has worked a government job that specializes in cyber security, as well as software and web development. He developed an interest in cryptocurrency trading 2012, and as a trader himself, he keeps the users in mind and will do anything possible to better Bitmora.

Elias Mansour

COO and Co-Founder
Image of Joey
Financial analyst based out of San Diego. Focused on jumpstarting the cryptocurrency revolution that is beginning to take hold in our current financial systems. Expertise in financial modeling.

Joey Dagostino

Chief Financial Officer and Business Analyst
Image of Kevin
IT Analyst based in Dublin, Ireland. Experience in server administration, information security, and setting up servers with security in mind.

Kevin Fafrowicz

Lead of Technical Operations