Building an crypto currency exchange for the people, by the people.

An echange built by real traders and innovators that not only listen to the public but makes their ideas come reality.

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Bitmora´s building a service that will allow users to globally exchange cryptocurrency and vote on the framework upon which the exchange will be built.

Cryptocurrency exchanges currently make for a $100 billion market, but we have found that even the largest of exchanges lack the technology and social framework needed to satisfy the constantly changing needs of their users.

Hello all! The Bitmora team would like to take some time to announce a few things. First off, we have reached our minimum goal to launch and will be up and running in no time! Thank you all so much for the support, we could have not done it without our investors. We are going to finalize the contract with our partner company this week and get our exchange up and running as soon as possible.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks Bitmora team members will be touring various call centers across California to ensure that we are prepared as possible for phone support on launch and we will be pushing marketing hard to help us reach our maximum funding goal. Marketing will include traveling to various cryptocurrency conferences worldwide, and publishing press releases on a vast number of news outlets.

Bitmora team members are working daily to maintain our investors portal and respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. A legal page is being drafted for our website which will include all public legal documents pertaining to Bitmora for your viewing.

If you haven’t yet, please sign up on our portal located on our website at and begin voting on user suggestions and coins to be added to our exchange. On our portal you can also view investment options and help Bitmora become the future of cryptocurrency exchanges!

Again, we thank everyone for their continued support and big things are ahead! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the next couple weeks.

We encourage anyone that has any questions or concerns to please get in touch with us at

Sincerely, Bitmora Team